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family owned and operated since 1968
same family same location for over 40 years

Artistic Bronze Plaques Inc. was established in 1968 by our founder and my father-in-law, Les Garthwait. Les grew tired of the
cold Kansas City winters and brought 35 years of foundry and plaque manufacturing expertise to sunny South Florida.
I began learning the trade in 1973 from Les who was a Master Craftsman at design, set up, pattern making, green
sand molding / gating and finishing. My mother in law Lillian was unequaled in customer service.
In 1988 when mom and dad retired, my wife and I assumed ownership and continued with their motto:

"Do one thing, do it better than anyone else and you will be successful".

In 1996 we moved into the new age of computers and the internet. This has allowed us to do 3 times the volume
with the same amount of work hours of the old days when we used to set up patterns by hand and make hand ram molds
in a green sand foundry with fuel oil furnaces. Today with computer generated art work, photo-polymer
patterns, no bake sand molds, electric furnaces, and cutting edge foundries a click away, our quality has never
been higher and production never quicker and more cost effective.
My name is Mark. I make cast bronze and aluminum plaques. Along with my wife of 35 years Maureen,
my cousin Trish, good friends Richard and Henry. I own and operate Artistic Bronze Plaques Inc.
I am hands on in every detail of the daily operation. Every plaque that leaves this shop has my finger print on it.
I personally inspect every raw casting from the foundry, hand tool the imperfections that are inherent to sand casting,
paint and finish. No plaque leaves this shop that is less than pristine and approved by me.
I take immense pride in my craftsmanship. Do not let our prices fool you. I adhere to the Sam Walton school of thought.

"A small number of a very large number is still a big number".

I offer you no bells or whistles, just fine quality, platinum service and the lowest prices available to the general public

on virgin ingot bronze and aluminum castings with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to working with you in the future for all your bronze and aluminum plaque needs.


Warm regards,

Mark Troisi,



Tooling Raw Castings

Painting Raw Castings

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