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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.How long will it take to receive my plaque once I place my order?
A. I average 17-22 working days to ship once the order is placed and payment secured. Sometimes a little sooner sometimes a little later.
Q. If I need a plaque in less time can you do that?
A. Yes, but there are a lot of variables and sometimes extra charges. Call me to discuss if you have a presentation date and I will work with you. there are low cost and no cost alternatives to meet a presentation date as options.
Q.I saw a plaque that I like on another site, can you duplicate it?
A.That depends, professional and moral ethics prevent me from copying another vendors pattern designs, but I can certainly achieve your desired look without cloneing
Q.Do you accept Purchase Orders?
A.from pre-qualified institutions and private companies. Government Municipalities, Hospitals, Charity Foundations, etc.
Q.Do you bronze items such as baby shoes?
A.Sorry but we are an architectural plate manufacturer. That is another industry, typically found locally under "Platers".
Q.Are there ever any charges other than what you quote?
A.No, once we have discussed your project and I am clear on what and when you want your plaque, the price I quote is the price you pay. Period! No hidden charges.
Q.How will I know when to expect my plaque?
A.When your plaque is ready to ship I will notify you via email or phone if you prefer, and supply you with a UPS tracking number.
Q.What if my plaque is damaged during shipping?
A.If you receive a damaged plaque, please notify me immediately. Keep all original packing materials and set it to the side. I will notify UPS, and I will expedite a pickup. All Plaques are insured you being happy is all that matters to me.
Q.Do you make plaques out of any other material other that Bronze or Aluminum?
A.IYes, I also manufacture plaques in acrylic solid surface material that looks like stone and in clear acrylic. these are low cost alternatives and are quite elegant in appearance.
Q.What is the warranty on your finished product?
A.In the first year I will pay all costs to have the plaque returned to me corrected and returned back to you if the finish fails under normal use. After the first year you pay the shipping costs and I will refinish the piece for no charge.
Q.Can you accept my artwork for production?
A.I can work from your editable PDF or EPS files if they are of acceptable quality. There are some minimum specs that need to be met so before sending any art be sure to call me so I can walk you throught the process.
Q.Is there an additional charge for extra lettering?
Q.Is there and additional charge to add a logo?
A..No, but it must meet the minimum specs for casting, including clean, editable PDF or EPS Art. Call me and I will discuss it with you.
Q.Can you put a face or a picture on a plaque?
A.Yes, there are several ways to do this for every budget. Call me and I will explain the manner and cost for each way.
Q.Do you offer any colors other than what is available on your order form?
A.Any color you want. Supply me with a color swatch to match, and I will get the color for you.
Q.What if I do not see the answer to my question?
A.I am the answer man. Call me or email me with your question. I am a workaholic and I am available 7 days a week.
Q.Do you restore weathered bronze plaques?
A.Yes. We make them look like new at a fraction of the cost.