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Good morning, we received the plaque yesterday and it is awesome, kudos from all here at Senesco, great work to all there at Artistic Bronze. I will be placing a bulk order for 10, I'm hopeful to have the PO over to you by the afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning, just let me know how long it will take to make the 10 so I can use that as a date on my PO for ETA. No rush...

Thanks and Best Regards,


It is so Beautiful!!! I thank you so very much for your love and kindness, in guiding me... we love it! Bill really likes it and so glad he got to see it. His health is goin down hill lately, having trouble swallowing anything.. but still holding on to each and every special day. We love my Moms Army Nurse also.. long overdue, for a special nurse, that served her country well! Just can't find the words to tell you how much I appreciate what you have made...

Thank You,
Thank You, God Bless Ya!
Tammy and Family - FI


We got it yesterday! Thank you. Grammy got a tear. It was just what the new porch swing needed. Great job.

Christi - PA


Oh My Gosh! The sign is beautiful.....

Sylvia - CA

Hi Mark,

I'm sorry I haven't gotten back with you. I've been so busy, but the plaque arrived a couple of days ago. Put me in you feedback. IT'S GORGEOUS... ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Thank you sooo much. You've been so kind and patient with me, while I've been so difficult.

Thanks again,
Sandi - MI


It is terrific! In fact, It looked so good I had to repaint the area around it because it instantly looked worse compared to the sign! LOL!

Thanks for your help.

Hi Mark--

The Legacy Falls plaque arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous! Thanks so much for all your time and patience; we won't have so many questions next time.

Thanks again.
Elaine - IN


Just wanted to let you know that the paque and stake arrived the other day. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It looks GREAT! We are all very pleased!

Thanks again for everything!
Judi - TX


I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with the plaque. It's gorgeous and I LOVE the plaque, and the people I showed it to were incredibly impressed. (hopefully it will change their view of how a real plaque is made) I'll be in touch soon regarding another project.


Hi Mark,

The plaques arrived this morning. They look fantastic!!!! Thank you for all your hard work!

Adriane - CO



Kelly - CA


Got it. It is beautiful. Size is perfect & the color looks great on the old stone. I'll attach it this coming weekend. You did a great job.



The package just arrived and it is PERFECT!!! Mikes birthday is next Monday and the timing is perfect. I am amazed and impressed and can't wait to show this to everyone. You're the best.


Hello Mark,

Yes, we have received them and they are beautiful. In fact, I was unable to return your email sooner because I was down there this weekend for the unveiling. I took a few pictures with my boss' camera; they aren't the best quality but I will send them along whenever he forwards them to me. Thank you so much for all the work you did on them... they are beautiful. Thanks so much!



I received the bronze plaque today and want to express my gratitude to the nice workmanship! It is beautiful! I especially like (and appreciate) the leaves! I know that my brother will be pleased. Thank you for all your help and you patience.

Lana - CA

Hi mark,

It arrived today! It is beautiful! Thank you so much for all your work on this. When we get it all finished I will send you a picture.

Thanks again,
Diana - CA

Thanks Mark for taking such good care of us and going the extra mile to get it here on such short notice. I WILL be sending more business your way.

Mike - WA


The package arrived Wednesday AM in excellent condition, no evidence of external damage. After opening everything was perfect! Thanks for a great job and or being so pleasant to work with.

Ross - SC


The plaque arrived today. It looks terrific and weighs a ton. Thank you for your good work and artistry. When it is up I will send you a photo

Thanks again, John - KS

Thank you, Mark.

We received the plaque yesterday. It is beautiful. I had a very good experience working with you. I will recommend you to others

Kind regards, Tari - GA


The plaque was fantastic ansd was a smash at the reunion.

Mike - IN


They are beautiful!!! Everyone is impressed. Look for more in the future... with more lead time :-)

Lynn - TX

Hey Mark,

I received Brads door plaque today. Perfect. Reasonably priced, excellent quality and quick turn-around. I can't wait to give it to him...

Best wishes,
Gary - SC


It looks great Mark. I like it. You did a great job!

Doug - CA


The plaque arrived this pm. GREAT JOB - I am very pleased. Thank you so much.

Regards, Phil - AL


The plaque arrived-It's beautiful.

Thanks again, Sister C - CA


It came and it is GREAT!

Thank you. Ray - NJ


They are BEAUTIFUL! Many, many thanks. I will send photos when we get it all put together.

Terry - CA


It is installed and it looks great. Thnkas

Scott - CO


Well that looks fantastic, Mark. I will get it bolted together tomorrow.

Thank you very much! Rex - MN


They came out great!!! I will take some pictures tomorrow and email them to you. We had many people think they were the original markers.

Jeffrey - MA


You do beautiful work.


You'll have to tell me the secret of getting the covers on. I've tried every which way and all i'm doing is scratching the face an it's too nice to screw up.

Peter - CA

Hi Mark,

We are extremely happy with the plaque you sent us. The letters shine, the background is great. You did an outstanding job an I want to thank you on behalf of everyone here. It was a pleasure working with you. We are in the process of designing another outdoor plaque and we will be asking you to make it for us. Now we know what questions to ask!

Odile - CA

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to let you know that we received the bronze plaque this morning and it looks GREAT!! We are so pleased with the quality of work you put out, as well as being so wonderful to work with! Thanks for such a great experience!

Kally - MN


I got the plaque and had it installed. Looks great! Thanks again for following through with it.

Michael - TX


It looks beautiful... thank you so much... I will take a picture of it once it is in place and email you a copy.

Sandy - CA


received the plaque today --- It's BEAUTIFUL!!

Thank you so much for all your help in getting this done so nicely and quickly. I will recommend your services to others, and take care

Lynn - MI


We received the signage last Friday and everyone is very pleased with the quality. Thanks again for your most professional and attentive service.

Larry - NC

Thanks Mark,

I a running to finish preparing what I need for my Bd Meeting this evening... but needed to stop and at least let ya know that they are here and are lovely!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Sister C - CA

Hi Mark,

I received the plaque yesterday and I was beyond pleased... It is amazing. In fact, when I gave it to my husband, tears came to his eyes. It was better than expected. The quality and workmanship was outstanding. Your price was by far below that of other companies but your finished product was far better than any other. The plaque will stand proudly on my home for many years to come. I will certainly purchase more from you in the future

Thanks Mark.

Kindly Lorraine K - CA

Hi! Mark,

The plaque arrived, as you said, today and it is beautiful. It will grace a $4 million "cabin" in Silverthorne, Colorado. Use this reference if it helps you. The work was excellent and the price was great.

Bob - CO