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Artistic Bronze History

Artistic Bronze Inc. was established in 1968 by our founder and my father-in-law, Les Garthwait. When mom and dad retired in 1988, my wife and I assumed ownership and continued with their dedication to high-quality products and customer service.

In 1996, we moved into the new age of computers and the Internet. With computer-generated artwork, polymer patterns, no-bake sand molds, electric furnaces, and cutting-edge foundries a click away, our quality has never been higher and production never quicker or more cost-effective.

Artistic Bronze delivers fine quality craftsmanship, platinum service, and the lowest prices available to the general public on bronze and aluminum ingot castings with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have enjoyed serving Government, Corporate, Medical, and Educational institutions along with the private sector for over 50 years and look forward to continuing to do so.

My name is Mark.  I make cast bronze and cast aluminum plaques along with my wife of 50 years Maureen (customer service), my cousin Trisha (graphics), daughter Joelle (design) and son Tony (AP/AR). I am hands-on in every detail of the daily operation. Every plaque that leaves this shop has my fingerprint on it. I also personally inspect every raw casting from the foundry, hand tool the imperfections that are inherent to sand casting, paint and finish. No plaque leaves this shop that is less than pristine and approved by me. I take immense pride in my craftsmanship.

Thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to working with you in the future for all your bronze and aluminum plaque needs.


Mark Troisi


Custom Bronze & Aluminum Plaques

Creating beautiful and memorable bronze plaques since 1968.

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Artistic Bronze

Custom cast bronze and aluminum plaques, seals and medallions made in the USA since 1968. We are a family owned and operated business and we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.